FREE | The UnScripted Bible Reading Guide (Updated)

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The UnScripted Bible Reading Guide is a bible guide that outlines key steps to follow, and questions to ask yourself that will equip you to understand the main messages & themes found in scripture, empowering you to study the Word with clarity and confidence.

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    Have you been struggling with understanding the Bible? Or do you feel frustrated because you’re not gaining much from your Bible Reading time? Then this Guide is just what you need!

    The UnScripted Bible Reading Guide is a guide designed to enable you and empower you to study the Word with clarity and confidence.

    With series of prompts, leading you to have an intentional & fruitful time with God to questions to help you understand the context of scripture, you will not only gain much out of your Bible reading time, but you will also enjoy spending time in the Word of God and in His presence.

    This guide features:

    • Importance of reading the Bible
    • Breakdown of the Bible – The Old Testament and New Testament.
    • Different methods one can use to read the Bible.
    • Tips on how to get the most out of your time with God.
    • Questions outlined to help understand the context and message of scripture.
    • Reflection/Worksheet Printables (Purchase separately).


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