The 20 Verses Collection I | Fear

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The 20 Verses Collection I: Fear – Scriptures on Fear are a collection of scripture cards made up of 20 verses to empower you to conquer and overcome fear, accompanied with prayer declarations at the back of each card to empower you to pray the scripture over your life.

Our prayer is that as you read, meditate & pray these verses, that your mind will be renewed, your soul comforted and your faith strengthened as you no longer give fear power over your life!

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    Have you ever been held back by fear? Have you ever experienced that indescribable feeling that creeps into your heart, mind and spirit till you cannot function? It paralyzes you as it whispers in your ear, ‘You can’t do it’, ‘Can you really do it?’, ‘You’ll look like a fool.’, ‘Who’ll care about what you have to say?’.

    We’ve all been there, and it’s something that we experience often, and something that we battle with from time to time if not everyday.

    But there is a solution!

    There is a way you can take your power back! There is a way for you to live your life free of fear and full of joy, calm and peace – and that way is through scripture!

    In the Bible, there are 365 scriptures where God says, ‘Do not fear!’. God has given us 365 scriptures for each and every day where he reminds us and encourages us not to fear, and we have taken these 365 scriptures and put them into 20 scripture cards, accompanied with prayer declarations to empower you to overcome & conquer fear allowing you live a life of peace!

    Grab a hold of your scripture cards today!


    What’s included:

    • 20 Scripture cards with 20 verses & 20 prayers on fear
    • An organza drawstring bag for you to store your scripture cards


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  1. Anonymous

    I bought the scripture cards on fear in 2022, and didn’t use them as much. But recently, when I experienced an attack from the enemy in the area of fear, these scriptures cards equipped me to fight against him, stand on the word and see victory, particularly in he area of my mind and mental health!!

    I absolutely love these scriptures cards and EVERY believer needs to get their hands on them!!

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