The ROAP Study Method

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Do you desire to have a deeper understanding of the word of God?

Well, grab a hold of the ROAP study method, a PRACTICAL guide consisting of a 4-step bible study method created through the guidance of the Holy Spirit with the sole aim of assisting believers to have an in-depth understanding of scripture!

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    Do you struggle to understand scripture and what it is trying to convey? Do you see reading scripture as a frustrating endeavor because you can’t seem to ‘get it’, yet you really desire to grow in the area of bible study/bible reading? Or, perhaps you feel like there’s more to scripture than what you’re getting from your bible reading time??

    Can we tell you? You’re NOT ALONE!

    MANY believers experience this frustration on a DAILY but there is a solution, and His name is the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth (John 14:17), the teacher of all things, and the one who helps us remember everything that Jesus taught/spoke about while on earth (John 14:26).

    This Holy Spirit gave our founder (who too was too desired to go deeper in reading the Word) a study method which she could use during her bible study time. After seeing the positive results (i.e., deeper understanding of the word) of this method (having used it for more than 2 years), she has penned down this resource, as per the guidance of the Holy Spirit, so that you too, through the help of the Holy Spirit can experience a deeper understanding of the Word.

    Ladies & gentlemen, we introduce to you the ROAP STUDY METHOD.

    This e-book resource is a PRACTICAL guide consisting of a 4-step process (R.O.A.P).

    Each step is explained, broken down and illustrated (with scriptural examples), showing you how to apply the method as you read your Bible for a deeper understanding! Furthermore, each step entails reminders concerning the Holy Spirit’s role as the teacher, exhorting you to continuously rely on the Holy Spirit every time you read scripture!

    This guide features:

    • A breakdown of the importance of reading the Bible
    • Tools & Resources to assist you in your study of the word.
    • A breakdown & explanation of 4-step method (R – Read; O -Observe; A- Analyze; P- Ponder & Pray) broken down and illustrated (with scriptural examples), showing you how to apply each step as you read your Bible.
    • A Bonus (additional) step to R.O.A.P
    • Prayers for your bible study time
    • Extra resources for you (The Woman in the Word Notebook)

    Grab your copy of the ROAP Study Method!


    Please note:

    1. This product is NOT a substitute for the Holy Spirit as your guide when you read & study the word, but it is simply a guide, a resource on how you can effectively study the word and know how to investigate it with the help of the Holy Spirit!
    2. This study is a digital product. You will receive your copy via email. No items will be shipped.

    Due to the nature of the product, there are no returns on digital resources. You will have nine days from the date of purchase to download your copy of the study.


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