The ROAP Study Method (AVAILABLE from LATE SEP 2023)

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Struggling to understand scripture?? Well, grab a hold of the ROAP study method, a method curated by the Holy Spirit to assist believers in studying the word and gaining a deeper understanding of scripture!


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    More often than not, we (believers)struggle to not only read, but also understand the word of God. We open up our Bibles and at times get frustrated that we aren’t really understanding the words on the page in front of us.

    And as much as this is this frustrating, child of God, you and I have a helper! A helper by the name of the Holy Spirit who assists us in our time of need, revealing the mysteries of scriptures to us!

    This very helper gave our founder the ROAP study method to use for her study of the word, and after seeing the positive of using it, she has penned down this resource, as per the guidance of the Holy Spirit, so that you too, through the help of the Holy Spirit can experience a deeper understanding of the Word.

    This study guide features:

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